I chose a CD for each chapter (24 albums), but that's more music than you need.  You can simply listen to 9 (in order):
          Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack Hans Zimmer
          Ultralounge Mondo Exotica
          The Essential Nino Rota Film Music, Disc 2
          Batman Motion Picture Score by Danny Elfman
          Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Soundtrack
          Water Breaks Stone by Charlotte Martin
          Ultralounge: Bongoland
          Midnight Cowboy Soundtrack
​          Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtr

Some of the Chapters listed below are not in Quantum Time Theory but will be published in future volumes of The Nevertime Chronology ​and may become available as Bonus Chapters from the Future on this Web Site.


       INTRODUCTION      Hateful 8 Soundtrack
  1. THE BROTHERHOOD OF TIME   Sherlock Holmes Soundtrack Hans Zimmer
  2. TIME MACHINE        Blues Brothers 2000 Soundtrack
  3. TOURISTS                 Halloween: The Best of John Carpenter
  4. NEWCOMERS           Horror Classics                    
      THE PLANE               The Living Daylights Soundtrack
  5. TIME CHANGE STRESS SYNDROME   Ultralounge: Mondo Exotica      
  6.  LIFELINE                  9 Objects of Desire by Suzanne Vega
  7. THE COMMON        The Essential Nino Rota Film Music, Disc 2                 
  8. STRATEGY                Shots in the Dark by Bob Keane
      FINAGLER                 Pink Martini: A Retrospective
  9. LIGHT SEASON        Music from Peter Gunn by Henry Mancini      
       ADJUSTMENT          Suzanne Vega         
       NONADAPTIVE STRATEGIES Blue Man Group Audio     
10. INTERTIME GOVERNMENT   Batman Motion Picture Score by Danny Elfman
11. SAFE HOUSE            Music from Mission Impossible by Lalo Schifrin          
12. PAST LIFE                  Tubular Bells by Mike Oldfield                
13. ALTERNATE LIFE       Metropolis by the Alloy Orchestra Disc 2                    
      COLONIZERS/INTRODUCTION  Hateful 8 Soundtrack
14. SPONSORSHIP         Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Soundtrack        
       DARK MEN               Pulp Surfin’   by Bob Keane          
15. TIME CHANGE          Walt Disney’s Fantasia Disc 1                 
16. DISCHRONOFILIATION Water Breaks Stone by Charlotte Martin
       ALTERNATE              I Swinger by Combustible Edison
17. DECONTAMINATION  Hot Tub Time Machine Soundtrack
18. DENIER                      Ultralounge: Bongoland                             
19. CONTROLLER           99.9 F by Suzanne Vega                           
       SOCIETY STATION    The Outer Limits by Dominic Frontiere
20. MEMBERSHIP           Briefcase of Blues by the Blues Brothers         
21. REINCHRONATION  Vertigo Soundtrack by Bernard Herrmann                 
22. REJECTORS               Midnight Cowboy Soundtrack by John Barry  
23. VOID PIRATES          Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack
24. LONGTIMERS           Abba Gold                            
     ALTERNATE RESIDENCE The Essential Billy Joel

Photograph of Chicago Night Sky by Jan fortytwo.  This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.